Bem-aventurados os mansos, porque eles herdarão a terra; Bem-aventurados os que têm fome e sede de justiça, porque eles serão fartos; Bem-aventurados os misericordiosos, porque eles alcançarão misericórdia; Bem-aventurados os limpos de coração, porque eles verão a Deus; Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque eles serão chamados filhos de Deus; Bem-aventurados os que sofrem perseguição por causa da justiça, porque deles é o reino dos céus; Bem-aventurados sois vós, quando vos injuriarem e perseguirem e, mentindo, disserem todo o mal contra vós por minha causa.(Mt.5)

sábado, 30 de novembro de 2019


       Jesus does not want the destruction of the world or the elimination of people; He does not want the end of Jerusalem, which makes Him weep over it. On the other hand, it respects the freedom of God's children, the choices of each or every nation. What will happen is not God's will, but a consequence of the bad choices of that people and their leaders. Even so, Jesus has a message of hope. If that people had come back to Him, if they had recognized Him as the Father's envoy, as the Servant Messiah, the Holy One of Israel, they would have been free, could have continued in history, been an instrument of salvation. But the people did not recognize Him, they were indifferent to Him, they despised their Savior, the Envoy of the Father. The fate of these people was decreed. It was the end of that Jerusalem. Jesus presented himself as the absolute criterion of deliverance, but was rejected.
3. Generations without God can have no other purpose than the destruction of themselves. But God does not give up His creation, the human person. Therefore, He proposes His Kingdom. In the midst of ruins, God builds His Kingdom, stands firm, and, without hurting anyone's freedom, acts for transformation into God. Whoever opens to Him will be victorious, will attain liberation. Whoever turns to Him will reach a dawn of salvation, a new time. This is what happened to His disciples. With the fall of Jerusalem, the Church was able to spread throughout the world, carrying the saving message to all peoples, that all might become aware of the Truth, might be truly enlightened, and attain the goal of their lives in God. becoming young men and women.
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