Bem-aventurados os mansos, porque eles herdarão a terra; Bem-aventurados os que têm fome e sede de justiça, porque eles serão fartos; Bem-aventurados os misericordiosos, porque eles alcançarão misericórdia; Bem-aventurados os limpos de coração, porque eles verão a Deus; Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque eles serão chamados filhos de Deus; Bem-aventurados os que sofrem perseguição por causa da justiça, porque deles é o reino dos céus; Bem-aventurados sois vós, quando vos injuriarem e perseguirem e, mentindo, disserem todo o mal contra vós por minha causa.(Mt.5)

quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2020


God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son, so that not all who believe in Him may die, but have eternal life ". Creation is the work of God's love and exists for God himself. Everything was created by love and for love, for eternal communion. Despite being the fruit of love, man said no to life with God, choosing for himself. He left the Creator and embraced the creature, became an idolater. God did not abandon his creature. love, the Father gave His Only Begotten Son, His Beloved, allowing him to die, lest the one who believes in Him, the one who sinned, who became worthy of death die. Through Jesus Christ, the Father gives to man the possibility of a new life, eternal life, for which he was made.
2. "God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world". Condemnation is not a punishment from God, but a consequence for one who does not turn to his Creator, who does not make a radical choice for God, who places his life above everything, who values ​​his interests more than the will of God, who became an idolater. Whoever adheres to Jesus Christ, making his life available to the greater good for himself and for all, will conquer eternal life. It is worth mentioning that God's desire is man's salvation. So that this could happen, he went to great lengths, sending us the Son himself, who, when suspended on a tree, made the sign of the bronze serpent in the desert. There they looked up at the "high", looking at the serpent; here, they look upward, looking at Jesus Christ. In both moments, it was necessary to look, more precisely to see. It is known that in order to see well it is necessary, first of all, to be inwardly free, to have love for the truth and justice, and still have a life according to the Commandments of the Lord, a right life according to the will of God.
3. "Whoever does not believe will be condemned". So, faith is essential and decisive in judgment. It is up to man to accept it as a gift from God or, on the contrary, to reject it. The measure of the final judgment is the Son of God. To reject him means to say NO to the salvation offered by the Father. To accept him means to join him wholeheartedly, with all soul and with all strength, having him as UNIQUE, Lord and reason for life. Whoever embraces Him follows him, who is the Way that leads to Truth and Life. Furthermore, it is necessary to approach Jesus not only seeing him as a gift, but also being able to see the cross as glory and victory. From there, take a step in the comprehensive direction of the judgment, which, according to João, will not be in the distant future, but now, in the current experience of man. John points to the fact that it is not so much God who is the judge, but man himself, for the choices he makes in life. Faith, therefore, will demand recognition and acceptance of the gift of God in each person's experience.
4. "... the light came into the world, but men preferred darkness to light, ...". The judgment is before each one. The light shows man where his qualities and defects are found, his dreams and his illusions, what is essential to him and what transgresses his dignity as a child of God; reveals whether your actions are good or bad; but, at the same time, it impels him to make a radical decision for his end. Darkness (the wicked) hide the truth, justice, love and life. Man throws himself into an existence of death, lies, hatred, injustice, exploitation of each other, interest in manipulating others, seeking himself, attachment to the futile and illusory, reaching the possibility of total destruction of his own life. The human being will only really appear when he makes an absolute choice for truth, life and love.
A strong and loving hug.
Father José Erinaldo

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