Bem-aventurados os mansos, porque eles herdarão a terra; Bem-aventurados os que têm fome e sede de justiça, porque eles serão fartos; Bem-aventurados os misericordiosos, porque eles alcançarão misericórdia; Bem-aventurados os limpos de coração, porque eles verão a Deus; Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque eles serão chamados filhos de Deus; Bem-aventurados os que sofrem perseguição por causa da justiça, porque deles é o reino dos céus; Bem-aventurados sois vós, quando vos injuriarem e perseguirem e, mentindo, disserem todo o mal contra vós por minha causa.(Mt.5)

quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2020


The Teachings of Jesus are for everyone, it is universal. In this teaching, Jesus makes it clear that His disciples should never live in view of themselves, not be afraid to carry the cross and follow the suffering Servant, making their lives true gifts of giving themselves for the good of all. In addition, they must not put their lives on something absolute, in the sense of not "wearing out" for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone's life is a gift, but it must be made available to salvation, to God's will. The opposite would not be life. Wanting to save one's life, according to the human mentality, is the same as making a death road, because the choices are always against nature itself. The true life is that offered by Jesus: His own life, the ETERNAL life. The disciples must not cling to the things of the world and its wealth, they must not fight for interests that are not salvific; they must be detached, free, supportive, available and lovers of good and truth. Those who have the courage to “lose” the life of the world, will gain the Life of God.
The beauty of being a disciple of Christ is knowing that we are identified with Him, we do not receive diplomas of vanity, we are valued as human beings, we discover our fragility and the human being that we must be every moment, we discover the gift that we are and the gifts that we are. we have for the good of the Church and for the salvation of the world and that we are here, not as useless, but as servants of the Lord for the construction of His Kingdom of LOVE, TRUTH AND LIFE.
This society needs a Christian, true disciples, men and women passionate about Truth, Love and Life; men and women of faith and hope; people completely involved in the physical and spiritual realization of the human being; disciples totally turned to God and, because of Him, for the good of all humanity. An affectionate hug


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