Bem-aventurados os mansos, porque eles herdarão a terra; Bem-aventurados os que têm fome e sede de justiça, porque eles serão fartos; Bem-aventurados os misericordiosos, porque eles alcançarão misericórdia; Bem-aventurados os limpos de coração, porque eles verão a Deus; Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque eles serão chamados filhos de Deus; Bem-aventurados os que sofrem perseguição por causa da justiça, porque deles é o reino dos céus; Bem-aventurados sois vós, quando vos injuriarem e perseguirem e, mentindo, disserem todo o mal contra vós por minha causa.(Mt.5)

domingo, 9 de junho de 2024

Jesus is rejected by those who should accept him.


Jesus is rejected by those who should accept him. The leaders of Judaism denied Jesus. Despite having as fundamental the theology of "God's will", that is, doing God's will, they were incapable of a definitive encounter with God through Jesus Christ. These are the children who are obedient in speech, but disobedient in practice.

2. The Kingdom does not belong to those who think they are righteous, but to those who humbly ask for forgiveness and do penance. Sinners welcomed Jesus. They are identified with that disobedient son in his initial response, but who later decided to follow the will of the Lord. In other words, they allowed themselves to encounter Christ, they saw in HIM the presence of God and the unique condition of salvation. They recognized themselves as unworthy of such a salvific encounter, but they opened themselves to the action of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Master of Nazareth. 3. Rejecting the Son is also rejecting the Father. The Word became flesh at the will of the Father, who presented Him as the only Word of salvation: "listen to Him"; as the unique condition for conquering the Kingdom, as Truth and Life. Whoever listens to the Son is listening to the Father, is in obedience to God, is fulfilling the Scriptures. Jesus Christ is the perfect fulfillment of the Father's will, Old Testament promises, prophecy and law. 4. Obeying the Father is the same as having faith in the Son: "No one comes to the Father except through ME". Anyone who has not yet met the Son of God has not yet understood the mysteries of the Lord; he has not yet understood God's will, nor has he even approached the knowledge of God, himself, others and the world. Jesus is the only Word in God's "dictionary", but he says everything and nothing else can be said apart from Him; There is no other LIGHT, another WAY, another TRUTH, another LIFE, another MESSIAH, etc.

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