Bem-aventurados os mansos, porque eles herdarão a terra; Bem-aventurados os que têm fome e sede de justiça, porque eles serão fartos; Bem-aventurados os misericordiosos, porque eles alcançarão misericórdia; Bem-aventurados os limpos de coração, porque eles verão a Deus; Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque eles serão chamados filhos de Deus; Bem-aventurados os que sofrem perseguição por causa da justiça, porque deles é o reino dos céus; Bem-aventurados sois vós, quando vos injuriarem e perseguirem e, mentindo, disserem todo o mal contra vós por minha causa.(Mt.5)

domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2021

Glory and exaltation to the Holy Trinity forever. Amen.

 Brethren, rejoice in the Lord always; I repeat, rejoice. May your goodness be known to all men! The Lord is at hand! Do not be anxious about anything, but present your needs to God, in prayer and supplication, accompanied by thanksgiving. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord upon me made his anointing; / he sent me to the impoverished to make happy proclamation! (Is 61:1) – At that time, the crowds asked John: "What must we do?" John replied: “Whoever has two tunics, give one to the one who doesn't; and whoever has food, do the same!" Tax collectors also went to baptism and asked John, "Master, what shall we do?" John replied: "Do not charge more than what has been established." There were also soldiers who asked: "And what should we do?" John responded: “Do not take anyone's money by force or make false accusations; be satisfied with your salary!” The people were in anticipation and everyone wondered in their hearts if John would not be the Messiah. Hence, John declared to everyone: “I am baptizing you with water, but he who is stronger than I will come. I am not worthy of untying the strap of your sandals. He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire. He will come with a shovel in his hand: he will clean his threshing floor and gather the wheat into the barn; but the chaff he will burn in the unquenchable fire”. And in many other ways John announced the Good News to the people. Here The Prophet speaks of Jesus Christ, who will come soon to judge us, we need mercy, but we need to do our part. He wants everyone to save. Conversion is turning to God with heart and truth. Glory and exaltation to the Holy Trinity forever. Amen.


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